What We Do

Net Irrigate manufactures remote monitoring technology for ag irrigation systems, pumping stations, field instrumentation, and controls. Application specific products are sold under the brands WireRat®, PumpProxy®, xProxy®, and CircleScout®. Our OEM Solutions group also produces IoT technology with customer specific requirements based on our existing remote monitoring platform.


Center Pivot Irrigation

Know where your pivot is, know when it stops, know when it’s being tampered with, and shut it down all from your smart phone.

Power Units

Never be left in the dark about an unexpected engine failure or shutdown.

Flow Meters

Connect your flow meters to the Internet and send the data to the cloud for analysis and storage.

Flood & Gravity Flow Irrigation

Use your phone to start and stop pumps and set irrigation timers. Know when water reaches the end of the furrow.

3 Phase Combination Starters

Control motor control panels from the palm of your hand and be alerted of thermal overload.


Make gauges and switches talk when critical levels are reached. Anything with a dry contact can now call you.

Drip Irrigation

Measure flow and detect pressure problems. User your smart phone to configure critical drip irrigation system alerts.

Variable Frequency Drives

Trapping drive faults or starting and stopping drives remotely is now affordable and easy.

Copper Theft

Secure your assets without reliance on external power. Receive instant push, voice, text, and email notifications when thieves strike!

News & Updates

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Net Irrigate  @netirrigate
In our newest video, you can learn how to set a time delay on the xProxy® device. Like, subscribe, stay up to date! https://t.co/7ppTdBsobx 
Net Irrigate  @netirrigate
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/OiW4uRgpgk NetIrrigate® - xProxy® Tutorial: Setting Time Delay 
Net Irrigate  @netirrigate
#CopperTheft has slowed down but it still plagues farms in the #Delta. Ask us how the #WireRat & #xProxy can help! https://t.co/phhv9r6TzP 
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You can now browse our products directly on our Facebook page! https://t.co/gQjmr2dLXM 
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We'd like to welcome dealer- North Central Irrigation (Plainfield, WI). Call them to get your #xProxy & #WireRat today! 
Net Irrigate  @netirrigate
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/QEhc46RGAH NetIrrigate® - xProxy® Tutorial: Adding Recipients