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Net Irrigate is an industrial Internet of Things ag tech company.  Our products provide solutions for ag irrigation, pumping stations, field instrumentation, and controls.


To facilitate, via hardware and software technology, the conservation of economic inputs associated with food production and industrial processing.

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United States Patent No. 7,880,612

Part numbers and private label solutions incorporating WireRat® or xProxy® technology within irrigation systems are protected by United States Patent No. 7,880,612.

United States Patent No. 9,269,246 and 9,520,038.

Part numbers and private label solutions incorporating WireRat® or xProxy® technology within grain bin systems are protected by United States Patent No. 9,269,246 and 9,520,038.

Patents Pending

Additional patents pending. United States Application Number(s) 15/359,719 719 for xProxy based technology and other self-powered cloud-based wireless state-change notification technology.


Net Irrigate began building customized remote monitoring devices and reporting software in 2006 for large farms and government agencies associated with ground and surface water conservation. In 2010, Net Irrigate completed its first capital raise and embarked on a more product centric strategy by releasing its flagship WireRat® brand. Since then, the company has completed two additional capital raises and established a network of over 300 dealers both domestically and internationally.


Core Operating Principles

  1. We relentlessly pursue excellence in our products, services, and selves.
  2. Recognizing that truth is a foundation for excellence, we always perceive reality without bias, no matter how unsettling or humiliating the facts may be.
  3. When problems are identified we don’t tolerate and/or complain about them, we diagnose and remedy them to the extent of our constraints.
  4. Our goals are always objective, never emotional. Action is motivated by the company’s best interest, not by personal ego or agenda.
  5. We possess a willingness to fail with the promise to evaluate and learn from all mistakes.
  6. Decisions shall not be made and accepted merely because of hierarchy. Underlying decision logic shall be communicated and open for debate.
  7. We shall always seek to enlist the service of people superior to our existing capabilities.
  8. We behave ethically under all circumstance. Any action that would— if implemented universally— adversely affect society on a net basis is deemed unethical.

Open Positions

We currently do not have any open positions but please feel free to send us your resume. We prioritize our pool of available resumes to select qualified candidates once positions open up. Please email cover letter and resume to  jobs@netirrigate.com

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