Agriculture’s universal, best selling center pivot copper theft alarm and irrigation monitoring solution.


Wire Theft Alerts

End Copper Theft. Patented WireRat® Technology detects for span cable cuts without external power requirements.

Safety Stop Alerts

Receive alerts when your pivot’s safety circuit opens or when it stops walking.


Know where your pivot is via our free mobile app or web site.

Remote Shutdown

Use a convenient mobile app to shut down your pivot from anywhere.

Virtual Stop-In-Slot

Program alerts to let you know where your pivot is on the field or have it automatically shutdown at predefined headings.

Virtual Timer

Set a specific point in time for your pivot to automatically shut off.  No need to drive to the field at a specific time.

Lost Signal Alerts

Take the guess work out of coverage and be proactively alerted of poor cellular signals within your field.

Self Test

Know if your WireRat® has been compromised with monthly automatic diagnostic testing.

Overview & Information

News & Media

WireRat® Center Pivot Copper Theft Alarm on KFVS 12 - Copper Thieves Caught In The Act
WireRat® Center Pivot Copper Theft Alarm on KATV, Little Rock - Copper Security System

WireRat® Technology is Yielding Arrests


Additional Information

  • Works seamlessly on all brands of pivots
  • Functions on CDMA (Verizon) network
  • Free smart phone apps available for download in the iPhone App Store and on Google Play
  • No monthly or annual subscription fees. Service fees included in hardware price

Supported Notification Messages

{My Pivot Name} owned by {Customer} has detected a span cable cut. Possible theft occurring at location {Latitude & Longitude}.

{My Pivot Name} is now running.

{My Pivot Name} has stopped walking.

{My Pivot Name} has reached a virtual stop-in-slot with heading of {Heading}.

Associated Part Numbers & Purchase Options

  • WireRat® MX
    • PART #: NETB17WRMX
    • Provides safety stop alerts, GPS monitoring, remote shutdown, and patented wire theft detection. Includes dual backup batteries; one for theft detection and one for more safety-stop alerts.
    • Network:  Verizon
    • Supported Pivot Brands: All brands
    • Theft Alerts:
    • Stop Alerts:
    • Start Alerts:
    • GPS & SIS Alerts:
    • Remote Shutdown:
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