Wireless center pivot run state and GPS monitoring solution featuring simple installation for the DIY user.


Safety Stop Alerts

Receive alerts when your pivot’s safety circuit opens or when it stops walking.


Know where your pivot is via our free mobile app or web site.

Position Notification

Program alerts to let you know where your pivot is on the field at predefined headings.

Lost Signal Alerts

Take the guess work out of coverage and be proactively alerted of poor cellular signals within your field.

Overview & Information

Additional Information

  • Works with all brands of pivots
  • Automatic annual subscription renewal unless cancelled by owner
  • Voice, text, and email notifications to up to 10 recipients
  • Simple setup and configuration using a mobile app (Android and iPhone)
  • Magnetically mounts on the end tower of pivot. Easy installation using only four wires (GX) or no wires at all (SP)
  • Tamper proof

Supported Notification Messages

{My Pivot Name} is now running.

{My Pivot Name} has stopped walking.

{My Pivot Name} has reached a virtual stop-in-slot with heading of {Heading}.

Associated Part Numbers & Purchase Options

  • CircleScout® GX
    • PART #: NETB16CSGX
    • Provides safety stop alert notifications and GPS monitoring for pivots with electrically driven wheel motors.
    • Network: Options for Verizon and GSM
    • Supported Pivot Brands: All brands
    • Includes 4 wires for simple installation
    • Stop Alerts:
    • Start Alerts:
    • GPS & SIS Alerts:
    • How To Buy:
      Online Direct
  • CircleScout® SP
    • PART #: NETB16CSSP
    • Intelligently detects the motion patterns of pivots and provides real-time alert notifications on irrigation system faults.
    • Network: Verizon
    • Supported Pivot Brands: All brands
    • Includes no wires. Magnetically mounts to pivot
    • Stop Alerts:
    • Start Alerts:
    • GPS & SIS Alerts:
    • How To Buy:
      Online Direct
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