OEMs and value added resellers (VARs) can now embed a turn-key remote monitoring and control solution in their control panels.


Pump Failure Alerts

Receive alerts when your pump motor fails due to power loss or thermal overload.

Remote Control

Start or stop your pump from a mobile app on your phone.

Virtual Timer

Program your pump from your phone to shutoff at a specific time.

Flow Meter Telemetry

View and analyze water usage data on the web. Compatible with most popular ag flow meters.

Auto Restart

Avoid inconvenience of brief power outages. Auto restart delay timer safely restarts the pump motor.

Wire Theft Alerts

Receive an instant alert if your well wire or pump control panel is tampered with.

Universal Power Supply

Enjoy the convenience of having one box that works both for AC and DC applications.

Pilot Input

Interface auxiliary contact blocks, current transformers, and more to definitively monitor pump state.

Overview & Information

Supported Notification Messages

{My pump site name} is pumping.

{My pump site name} is NOT pumping.

{My pump site name} detects power off (or switch in hand position).

{My Pivot Name} detects possible copper wire theft.

{My Pivot Name} detects flow.*

{My Pivot Name} has stopped flowing.*

*requires flow meter.  Flow meter not included or supplied by Net Irrigate, LLC

Additional Information

  • Available for both CDMA (Verizon) and GSM (AT&T / T-Mobile) networks
  • iOS and Android and web apps for OEMs and VARs
  • Flexible pricing models
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