A platform for turn-key notification services within industrial equipment, instrumentation, and controls.



The xProxy can be used with any dry contact and can produce over 4000 event notifications.

User Configurable Alert Messages

A convenient mobile app may be used to set the alert notification to whatever fits the application.

High Voltage Protection

If the xProxy is accidentally installed on high voltage circuits, a red warning LED will illuminate.

Cloud Based

All settings are stored in the cloud, so you never have to touch the physical device to modify an alert message or recipient.

Additional Information

  • Compact, long lasting, and versatile to support a multitude of applications.
  • Available for CDMA (Verizon) networks
  • Fully warranted during annual subscription terms
  • Free smart phone apps available for download in the iPhone App Store and on Google Play

Alert message examples of how customers have used xProxy

Horse trailer 7 has been opened. Possible theft occurring.

Pressure switch on East well detects pressure below 10 PSI.

Excess humidity detected in West green house.

Barn door has been opened.

Copper tubing pressure loss detected on HVAC unit.

East grain bin dryer has shut down.

xProxy detects wet bin empty.

Temperature too high in hog barn. Possible fan malfunction.

Water level too low in trough 16.

Variable Frequency Drive 5A has encountered a drive fault.

Associated Part Numbers & Purchase Options

  • xProxy® Link
    • PART #: XPXVW151
    • Cloud based cellular auto-dialer for normally closed dry contacts (SPST 1 NC). Requires no external power.
    • Verizon
    • How To Buy:
      Buy Online
  • xProxy® Vibe
    • PART #: XPVIBE1
    • Magnetically mount to motor and receive real time failure alerts. No installation or external power required.
    • Verizon
    • How To Buy:
      Buy Online  
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